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the definition of steel city pride: the story of a long-standing area landmark




The Valley Hotel was built in 1863 and was originally called The Granger Hotel, owned by the Granger family. Positioned in between two of the largest steel mills in the area (which are still in existence), The Valley Hotel has long been the local watering hole for mill workers after a long day, or night, of work.  The ownership of the hotel then transferred to the Traphalis family before being purchased in 1964 by Robert Medvidovich.


                                                                                                 circa 1967



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In February of 1971, the Valley Hotel caught fire and subsequently lost the third floor.  No one was injured in the fire, but the appearance of this area landmark was changed forever, as the third floor was never replaced. 


                                                                                                              circa 1985, after the flood


When owner Robert Medvidovich passed away in 1986, the hotel stayed in the family for several years while being managed by his son-in-law, Tom Prokop.  After transferring hands of ownership a couple times, the Valley Hotel was purchased by Duel and Jo Ellen in 2004, who have done some major renovations to transform the hotel into a bar for musicians, as well as some renovations that may make the community take a second look at what it means to be a bar.  The owners have expressed their desire to continue organizing events that benefit charities, such as the August 2007 bike run that raised over $3000 for Children's Hospital.


                                                                                                    circa 2007, during renovations


The brand new stage was patterned after the stage in Tony Marks Bar in Atlantic City where the 1983 movie Eddie and the Cruisers was filmed.  Duel played there in the 1970's and had a chance to go to Woodstock--but his manager said "who wants to play in a field in New York?" Nevertheless, that's where he got the idea to have a stage behind the bar, and its definitely an entertaining addition to the hotel.  (See pictures of the stage here.)


                                                                                           the current look of the Valley Hotel





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